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A motion picture, or music, or television, they have to maintain a certain decorum in order to be broadcast to a vast audience. Other forms of mass media cost too much to produce a risk reaching only a limited audience. Only one person. But a book… . A book is cheap to print and bind. A book is as private and consensual as sex. A book takes time and effort to consume – something that gives a reader every chance to walk away. Actually, so few people make the effort to read that it’s difficult to call books a “mass medium.” No one really gives a damn about books. No one has bothered to ban a book in decades.
Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted via Goodreads (via thinksquad)

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following back tons!


following back tons!

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That’s all a shadow is—and though you might be prejudiced against the dark, you ought to remember that that’s where stars live, and the moon and raccoons and owls and fireflies and mushrooms and cats and enchantments and a rather lot of good, necessary things. Thieving, too, and conspiracies, sneaking, secrets, and desire so strong you might faint dead away with the punch of it. But your light side isn’t a perfectly pretty picture, either, I promise you. You couldn’t dream without the dark. You couldn’t rest. You couldn’t even meet a lover on a balcony by moonlight. And what would the world be worth without that? You need your dark side, because without it, you’re half gone.
Catherynne M. Valente  (via ladyrosenred)

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Yesterday’s victory has taken Rio to new heights. #justforkicks

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Wrapped up
tangled with
extra thoughts
tugging about
my ankles

I’m wondering where
your happiest place
exists…can we build
fires that pull at
the horizon there?

or cast out in broken
trees searching for
elusive truths and
pure guarantees
(Tell me, do I seem a fool)

I’m always up early
watching you grasp
onto sleep

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